Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Contingency Fee Work?

Each case differs but basically, on a contingency fee basis, fees payable to our firm are only payable on a win or successful settlement for our clients.

So, unless our client wins or settles a case, we normally don't get paid.

Contingency fees may be applicable where the client has a good case but does not have sufficient financial resources to employ lawyers on an hourly basis, regardless of results.

Contingency fees may also be applicable where the client wants the lawyers interested in the results, hopefully then increasing the incentives to both the lawyers and the clients.

What Are the Possible Percentage Fees?

Contingency fees may vary from 20 to 50 % of the amount involved, and depend on the chances of success, the amount involved, the issues involved, the length and difficulty of the work anticipated, and the prospects of payment.

In personal injury matters, the fee cannot exceed 33 percent.

Each case differs. We will be pleased to meet with you and discuss these matters with you. It is only after we meet with you, discuss the matters, and form an opinion about the work involved and possible returns to both the clients and the lawyers, that we can consider proposing a contingency fee basis.

A contingency fee agreement will be in writing and signed by both the client and the lawyers.

What is Excluded from a Contingency Fee?

Normally, clients are responsible for disbursements - out of pocket costs such as photocopying, Court reporters' fees, Court fees, etc, in any event, whether the lawyers are successful or not.

And, if clients are not successful, the clients may be liable to pay the other side Court or arbitration costs, normally set on a tariff basis.

If clients are successful, the clients may receive Court or arbitration costs from the other side of the dispute, as a partial indemnification of legal expenses. Contingency fees do not apply to such costs.

Contingency fee agreements normally provide that the client or the lawyers may terminate the relationship in certain instances. However, on such a termination, legal fees are payable to the lawyers on an hourly fee or percentage basis for the work to the date of termination.

What If I have a Matter outside British Columbia or Outside your Expertise?

Our lawyers can act in the courts of all provinces of Canada except Quebec.

Where we cannot act in foreign courts, or think someone else may be of assistance, we will try to refer the matter to another lawyer. This may involve a referral fee payable by the other lawyer.

We are able to conduct arbitrations and mediations anywhere in the world.

How Does the Process Start?

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We would then be pleased to meet with you to discuss the matter and consider whether we wish to act on a contingency fee basis. If so, we will propose an agreement to you.
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